Join our team!

Step 1: Apply below and wait back to hear from the MadAir Decks Staff. 

Step 2: Once accepted, we will reach out to you with info about our next exhibition opportunity. 

Step 3: begin your own unique design on a madair deck with a free range of creativity.

*Note: We debut all of our new boards at our MadAir Exhibitions


What's in it for You

  • The Board is on Us!

  • You get paid when the board sells

  • The Artist's Pay is based on a percentage of the profit of the Deck once sold

  • In addition to the potential income, we will Promote you and you artwork at the exhibition, on our website, and on our social media platforms.

  • we strive to make this an opportunity for all creatives seeking to collaborate, profit, express their individual artistic styles, and broaden their network


What's your Commitment

  • we ask that you commit to bring us your best work and create a piece of art that represents you - so that we may display it proudly at our exhibition, online, and in any partnering stores around Memphis.

Connect with us by submitting your information below. Come on and #getmadair !

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