Love our decks but want your own design?

Try out our New Custom Deck Feature!


Easy 3 step process:

1. Submit a Custom Request Form Below.

2. Discuss the Details of your design with our Art Director, Amber George (She will email you).

3. Wait for your One-of-a-kind Custom designed board to be completed and sent to your door. 


  • If you are unsure what type of board you want, check out our decks for sale and see if those styles appeal to you. If you still have questions feel free to contact us anytime. 
  • Artwork will be done with Acrylic and Oil Paint unless otherwise specified. As with all other boards that we sell, 3-D art will not be accepted, and watercolor will not be used.
  • All of our Custom Decks will be completed within a Month of the Submission of the details of the design to our Art Director unless otherwise discussed with Amber George. 
  • Returns of Custom Designed Boards are not accepted. Payment will go through upon completion of the deck, before it is shipped. 






Mini Kicktail-$240

Drop Through-$260



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