Join our team!

Step 1: Apply below and wait back to hear from the MadAir Decks Staff. 

Step 2: Once you are accepted we will reach out to you with info about our next exhibition opportunity (we do a minimum of 2 every year). Generally speaking, we require that you give us your completed deck 2 weeks in advance of the exhibition in which the board will be debuted.

Step 3: begin your own unique design on a madair deck with a free range of creativity.  

*Note: We debut all of our new boards at our MadAir Exhibitions


What's in it for You

  • The Board is on Us!
  • You get paid when the board sells
  • The Artist's Pay is based on a percentage of the profit of the Deck once sold  
  • In addition to the potential income, we will Promote you and you artwork at the exhibition, on our website, on our social media platforms, and in several stores all around the Memphis area - including all 3 Whatever Smoke Shop Locations
  • lastly, we strive to offer an opportunity for all creatives seeking to collaborate, profit, express their individual artistic styles, and broaden their network


What's your Commitment

  • we ask that you commit to bring us your best work and create a piece of art that represents you - so that we may display it proudly at our exhibition, online, and in stores all around Memphis. 


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Where can we view your art